MuscleShakeMax™: Electric Shaker Bottle Protein

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MuscleShakeMax™: Unleash the Power of Perfect Protein Shakes!

No More Shaking, No More Lumps:

Experience the MuscleShakeMax™ difference! Our advanced mixer, powered by patented X-Blade technology, guarantees incredibly smooth protein shakes with superior taste.

Effortless Ease:

Say goodbye to cumbersome hand shakers! With MuscleShakeMax™, all it takes is a single click. Sit back, relax, and in just 30 seconds, your shakes are perfectly blended. No more floating chunks of powder—our cutting-edge mixer ensures even distribution, surpassing the limitations of traditional bottles.

Durability Meets Convenience:

MuscleShakeMax™ is built to last. Our bottle is crafted from durable, odorless, and BPA/DEHP-free materials, providing a reliable and long-lasting solution. Cleaning is a breeze—simply add warm water and detergent, switch on the device, and let MuscleShakeMax™ clean itself.

Unleash Maximum Power:

Equipped with a powerful rechargeable battery, MuscleShakeMax™ keeps up with your intense workouts. Our battery is designed to last, ensuring you have a reliable companion throughout many sessions. To recharge, effortlessly remove the base, connect the USB cable, and wait for the indicator to turn green (fully charge before first use for optimal performance).

Elevate Your Protein Shake Experience with MuscleShakeMax™:

Embrace perfection, enjoy unparalleled convenience, and experience unmatched durability. Revolutionize your protein shake routine with the ultimate companion—MuscleShakeMax™!

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