CableCatch™: Ideal Cable Organizer

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CableCatch™: Ideal Cable Organizer


Cluttered appliance cords can often compromise safety and leave your home or workplace looking disorganized. CableCatch™ is here to provide an effective solution to this problem. Our cord organizer allows you to easily manage and organize the power cords of various small appliances, including stand mixers, pressure cookers, toasters, coffee makers, blenders, bathroom hair tools, and office equipment.

Crafted from premium quality rubber, CableCatch™ boasts exceptional durability and resilience against deformation. The strong 3M adhesive further reinforces the stability of the design, ensuring that it remains securely in place without the risk of falling off. The structural design has been optimized for convenience and efficiency, making it an ideal storage solution for a variety of applications.

Our innovative cord winder design not only stores wires but also securely fixes 2-3 plugs on it, providing enhanced functionality and convenience. This feature makes CableCatch™ a practical and versatile solution for managing cords and plugs for a range of small appliances. With our new design, you can effortlessly streamline your home or workplace's cord management while reducing clutter and ensuring safety.

To ensure optimal performance and secure attachment, we recommend that you clean the surface of the appliance before fixing our cord organizer. Please ensure that the sticking surface is thoroughly cleaned, and then proceed to tear off the outer 3M tape before firmly pressing it into place. This will ensure a strong and long-lasting bond that will keep your cords organized and secure.

Whether you're looking to keep your kitchen tidy or streamline your office equipment, CableCatch™ offers a practical and reliable solution for managing cords and reducing clutter. Try it today and enjoy the convenience and efficiency of our premium quality cord organizer.



Keep Your Kitchen Tidy.

Useful Anywhere.

High-Quality Materials.

New Design.

Easy To Use.


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